Next Way Paralegals LLP

Offers legal representation in Provincial Offences Court, Small Claims Court and the Landlord and Tenant Board.


The Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) in Ontario's primary purpose is to provide a forum for both landlords and tenants to resolve disputes. The Next Way Paralegals can provide assistance and representation for both landlords and tenants in matters brought before the LTB in Ontario.
We can provide assistance throughout the Small Claims Court process, from case assessment and document preparation to negotiation, representation, and post-trial support. We can help you navigate the complexities of the legal system.
Next Way Paralegals can help you recover outstanding debts by providing legal expertise, negotiating with debtors, representing you in court, and ensuring that your rights are protected.
We can assist with various types of charges including traffic, fishing, hunting, and other tickets that you may have received. We are based out of Timmins and handle charges throughout both northeastern and northwestern Ontario.

Meet Our Team

Amanda Migneault


Amanda is a skilled and dedicated paralegal with over 4 years of experience. Amanda is a proud graduate of CTS Canadian Career College who graduated with Honours. Amanda previously worked as a Provincial Offences Prosecutor for the City of Timmins.

Amanda focuses her practice on Small Claims Court matters and Landlord and Tenant Board matters.

Amanda is fully bilingual and is able to provide services in both English and French.

Amanda has a background in business where she owned and operated a company for 12 years, where customer service and satisfaction were of utmost importance.

Finally, Amanda was born and raised in Timmins and is committed to the residents of Northern Ontario. She strives to do everything she can to provide quality representation and ensuring the best possible outcome. Amanda Migneault, where your legal matters matter!

Julie D. Lefebvre


Julie D. Lefebvre works in the provincial offences court defending those charged with traffic offences, hunting and fishing related offences and any other offences laid by a provincial enforcement.

Julie has owned and operated JDL Paralegal for 12 years focusing on provincial offences and servicing all northern cities and communities, prior to expanding into a partnership creating Next Way Paralegals.

Julie is Metis and volunteers as the Chair of the Timmins Metis Council. She is also a member of the Law Society of Ontario, the Ontario Paralegal Association and the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business.

Julie is a graduate of College Boreal, with Honours, and is fully bilingual in French and in English, having studied in French. She is driven and passionate about her work and always has her clients’ best interest in mind.


Take a photo of the ticket(s) for the person charged, and use the uploader to submit them to Next Way Paralegals for a quote.

IMPORTANT: I acknowledge that this submission of my ticket(s) is to obtain a quote for legal services and that nothing is being filed with the court. I further acknowledge that by submitting my ticket(s), I have not retained the legal services of Next Way Paralegals.